Hot Temperature Tensile Testing Machines Manufacturer

Introduction :
MCS manufactures a range of special furnaces for conducting high temperature tests on various metals, composites, rubber, plastic etc for studying the behavior of the materials like creep, crack, tensile etc. These furnaces are available as additional attachment to the various types of Universal Testing machines like screw driven, servo hydraulic machines, Creep Testing Machines etc. These furnaces can be supplied with MCS make new machines as well as it can be fitted with any existing machines with minor modifications.

Features :
• MCS make furnaces can be fitted to any new or old universal Testing Machine of any make and capacity.
• Designed and fitted as add on attachment and can be detached from machine easily.
• Split type furnace design for easy sample loading.
• Wide range of temperatures from 300-1200 deg cel.
• Accessories like pull rods, grips, muffles made of heat resistant steel, titanium alloys etc.
• Choice of single, two or three zones.
• Temperature controller with PID control and thyrister controlled heaters.

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