Model: RCB-250-TS

MCS, RCB-250-TS series hardness tester offers quality, durability and an industry leading gauge repeatability and reproduc

Features :

  • Fully automatic operation for Rockwell & Brinell.
  • Motorized system for applying and removing of load.
  • Sophisticated controller with high definition touch screen center.
  • Optical depth measuring system for Rockwell.
  • High end video based hardness testing firmware, including CCD camera, automatic indent measurement, high definition optical magnification of indent system.
  • Password and user level access system. Easy calibration system.
  • High / Low - Ok / not ok tolerance indication for hardness valves.
  • Automatic weight selection by thumb wheel.
  • Huge data storage capacity.
  • USB port for data transfer to computer.
  • Inbuilt pendrive for data backup.
  • Statistical report and analysis.
  • Load range Rockwell 60,100,150 Kgf.
  • Load range Brinell 187.5, 250 Kgf.
  • Conform to IS : 3804, BS-891, ASTM-E-18.


Standard Accessories :

  • Built- On microscope with CCD camera, LED light for dark field illumination.
  • Objectives for 5X magnification.
  • Flat anvil, hardened, cl) 40 mm.
  • Vee anvil, hardened, cl) 40mm.
  • Fuse 2 Amp (2 pcs ).
  • Power cable.
  • Factory calibration certificate.
  • Installation & user manual.

Optional Accessories :

  • Certified hardness test blocks.
  • Certified indentors.
  • Precision Vices, V-Blocks, & Spl Clamps.
  • Long indentors.
  • Large testing table 350 x 250 mm (3.78 X 10") with T-slot & spindle adapto
  • Custom Testing Table.
  • Motorized Y stage for Jominy Testing.
  • Motorized X-Y for pattern Testing. Motorized Spindle.
  • Closed Loop fully automatic Hardness Testing Machine with Go, No-Go Indicator.

Technical Specifications

Load application Motorized loading & unloading.
Hardness scales Rockwell (HR), Brinell (HBW)
Loading range 60 Kgf to 250Kgf.
Preload 10 Kgf.
Rockwell Test loads 60 Kgf, 100 Kgf, 150 Kgf.
Rockwell Scales A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M, P, R, S, V.
Brinell Test Loads 187.5 Kgf, 250 Kgf.
Scale resolution (depth) 0.001mm.
Display High definition industrial touch screen which
can be operated by mouse & keyboard
Standards Complies with IS: 3804, BS-891, ASTM-E-18.
Test Cycles Fully Automatic, Load, Dwell, Unload
Dwell time 1-99 seconds
Data output / connectivity USB / Wi-Fi (Optional)
Specimen accommodation 220 mm.
Throat 150 mm.
Weight (Approximately) 110 kg.
Operating Temperature Range 10 ° to 35° C.
Operating Humidity Range 10% to 90% non-conducting.
Power supply 230V AC, 50 Hz, Single Phase

Loads & Indentors For Hardness Testers For Rockwell & Brinell Tests

Total Load In kgf
(Initial Load 10 kgf)
Diamond 120° Ball 1/16" ø Diamond 120" Ball 2.5mm ø Ball 5mm
Test Scales
Rockwell A Rockwell B Rockwell C Brinell, F/d2=30 Brinell F/D2 =10
Suitable for
Tests On Case Hardened Steel Annealed Ferrous & non ferrous metals Annealed Deep case Hardened Steel & Tempered Deep Annealed Steel & Cast Irons Copper, Copper Alloys & Aluminium alloys
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