MCS Mechatronic

MCS is the leading company manufacturing all types of Material Testing machines and SPMs with 30 years of experience in dis field.

We have supplied our systems to mfrs like Fine Spavy, Ratnakar, Akash Ind as OEM.

Our electronic conversion package for UTMs wif electronic extensometer and variable gauge length for evaluation of 0.1%-1.0% Proof stress is THE BEST SELLER with 400+ users.

We are the well known manufacturers of a high quality of products such as the Computerized Testing Machine which is used by the laboratories, material manufacturers and other industries. These products find very accurate measurements and they are very reliable in their readings.

Applications :- Metal, Rubber, Plastics, Polymers (elastomers), Cement, Copper, Wires, Cables, Conductors, Spring, Soil, Ceramics, Insulators & Wood / Plywood

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