Computerized Universal Testing Machines

We manufacture computerized universal testing machines for all industries. These machines are highly result oriented and long lasting.

Features :
  • Loading accuracy as high as ± 1%
  • Straining at variable sppeds to suit awide range of material
  • Printer supplied as option to study the behavior of the material.
  • Motor driven threaded Columns for quick effortless adjustment of middle cross-head to facilitable rapid fixing of test specimen
  • Simplicity in reading because of digital readouts
  • Wide ragne of stadard and special accessories, Including load stabilizer
  • Easy change from plain to threaded adn screwed specimens
  • Large effective clearance between Columns enables testing of standard specimens as well as structures
  • Simple controls for ease of operat on.
  • Robust straining frame of an extremely rigid construction
  • Safe operation ensured by means of safety devices
  • Fully enclosed and protected pressure transducer
  • Optional to transfer data to computer for analysis/storage evaluation on etc.
  • Confirms to IS 1828

Application : MCS Electronic Universal Testing Machine is designed tor testing metals and other material under tension, compression, bending, transverse and shear loads, Hardness test on metals can also conducted

Principal of Operation : Operation of the machine is by hydraulic transmission of load from the test specimen through pressure transducer to a separately housed load indicator. The system is idea since it replaces transmission of load through levers and knife edges which are prone to wear and damage due to shock on rupture of test pieces
Load is applied by hydrostatics y lubricated ram. Main cylinder pressure is transmitted to the pressure transducer housed in the control panel. The transducer gives the signal to the electronic display unit, corresponding to the load exerted by the main ram. Simultaneously the digits electronic encoder fitted on the straining unit gives the mechanical displacement to the electronic display unit. Both the signa s are processed by the mcroprocessor and load and displacement is dsp ayed on the digits readouts simultaneously.

Machine consists of Straining Unit : This consists of a geared motor with chain & sprocket drive and a table coupled with the ram of the hydraulic cylinder, mounted on to a robust base. The cylinder and the ram are individually apped to eliminate hid on The upper cross-head is rigidly fixed to the table by two strengtaned columns.
The lower cross-head is connected to two columns which are driven by a motor Axia loading of the ram s ensured by relieving the cylinder ram of any provision side loading by the provision of ball seating
An displacement scale with a minimum graduation of 1 mm, is provided to measurethe deformation of the specimen. Tension test is conducted by grpping the test specimen between the upper and lower cross-heads.
Compression transverse, bending shear & hardness tests are conducted between the lower cross-head and the table. The lower cross-head can be raised or lowered rapidly by operating the screwed columns, thus facil rating ease of fixIng or the test specimen. Control Panel :The control pane consists of power pack complete withdr ve motor and an oil tank control valves and electronic display unit.
Power Pack :The Power Pack generates the maximum pressure of 200 kgf/cM. the hydraulic pump provides continuously non-pulsaating oil flow Hence the load application is very smooth.
Hydraulic Controls : Hand operated wheels are used to control the flow to and from the hydraulic cylinder the regulation of the oil flow is infinitely variable Incorporated n the hydraulic system s a regulating valve which maintains a practically constant rate of piston movement Control by this valve allwows extensometer readings to be taken.

Electronic Measuring System for Universal Testing Machine

Electronic Measuring System for Universal Testing Machine
Electronic Measuring System for Universal Testing Machine
Measuring System with Electronic Control Panel MCS-MP

Electronic control panel uses latest microprocessor which incorporates state of the art technology with fo lowing features. The panel having unique feature of two modes of operations mode. Panel control mode & PC control mode. with pane contro mode, the mach ne can be operated from panel (with out PC) and g ves output results / graph on dot matrix printer connected to the panel. with PC control mode, load, displacement and extension data transferred to PC through RS- 232 serial port thus giving real time disc ay and graph of selected test on PC.

Electronic Measuring System for Universal Testing Machine
Features :
  • Full fledged sealed membrane keyboard with numeric keypad.
  • Data entry for specimen d mensions.
  • Push button tare facility for load & reset for displacement/extension.
  • Serial port for commun cation wth PC.
  • Built in centronics interface for dot matrix printer.
  • Modulus data output (optional ).
  • Scrolling of test result data up to breakage.
  • Results include load Vs Displacement Curve, Max Load/ Displacement. UTS, % Elong % reduction n Area, Yield oad, Proof Stress.
  • Over oad safety through opto isolated output

Serial Communications Software. MCS-MP series control panel can be connected to any PC using RS-232 commun cat on port. MCS offers window based software on PC to enable the user to effectively evaluate different parameters. The Features include

  • Real time graph of selected test on PC.
  • User friendly software with colour graphics.
  • Wide Range of Data entry for easy test setup
  • Unit interchangeability of load in kg., T, N, kN.
  • Extensive graphics, Curve fitting / Zooming / Tracing.
  • Effective file handing for data storage, RD BMS based.
  • Operational instructions on HELP Screen for a I programme modules.
  • Automatic calculation of Proof stress and Youngs Modulus with graphical representation
  • Automate reseal ling of graph.
  • Batch testing, mult graph facility and statistica anaysis with MIS reports (optional).
  • Load, displacement, extension, strain rate values are displayed at all times on PC screen
  • Load Displacement, Load V Extenssion, Stress Strain graphs available for single test run..
  • Results include graph, Max load Max displacement, U.T.S.,% E ongation,% Reduction In Area, proof load, proof stress, Yield stress, Youngs Modulus, breaking load, etc

Measuring System with PC Add on cards MCS-PC. - In MCS PC model, the measuring system is based on two PCB's inserted in PC motherboard slots. All the system features are same as MCS-MP with serial software.

Electronic Extensometer MCS offers Strain Gauge type electronic extensometer for the evaluation of 0.2 Proof Stress 8, Young's modulus values.

Extensometer Specifications
• Model MCE-2
• Type Strain Gauge
• Extension 2 mm
• Gauge Lenth 25 / 50 mm
• Maximum Dia. : 25 mm

Model Units UTE
Maximum Capacity kN 100 200 400 600 1000 2000 3000
Measuring Range kN 0-100 0-200 0-400 0-600 0-1000 0-2000 0-3000
Load Resolution N 10 20 40 60 100 200 300
Load Range with accuracy measurment ±1 %
kN 2 to 100 4 to 200 8 to 400 12 to 600 20 to 1000 40 to 2000 60 to 3000
Resolution of piston movement
mm 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
Clearance for tensile at fully descended working piston mm 50-700 50-700 50-700 50-850 50-850 50-900 50-900
Clearance for Compression test at fully descended working piston
mm 0-700 0-700 0-700 0-800 0-850 0-900 0-900
Clearance between columns mm/min 500 500 500 600 750 850 850
Ram Stroke mm 150 200 200 250 250 300 300
Straining/piston speeds (at no Load)
mm/min 0-300 0-150 0-150 0-100 0-80 0-45 0-45
Power kW 1.0 1.0 1.7 1.9 2.6 4.9 6.4
V 400-440 400-440 400-440 400-440 400-440 400-440 400-440
Ø 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
L X W X H (approx.)
mm 2032
Weight (approx.) Kg 1500 1500 2500 3500 5500 9500 15000
Clamping jaws for round Specimens of diameters
mm 10-20
Clamping jaws for flat Specimens of thickness mm 00-10
Width mm 50 50 65 70 70 90 100
Pair of comperession plates of diameter mm 120 120 120 120 160 220 220
Table width adjustable rollers. width of rollers mm 160 160 160 160 160 200 200
Diameter of rollers mm 30 30 30 50 50 70 70
Maximum clearance between support mm 500 500 500 600 800 900 1000
Radius of punch tops mm 6,12 6,12 12,6 16.22 16,22 30,40 50,75
Special Accessories & Options:
  • Load Stabilizer
  • Printer
  • X - Y Plotter
  • Brinell Test attachment
  • Shear Test attachment
  • Serial communication port with software package
  • Mechanical Extensometer
  • Electronic Extensometer for proof stress
  • Electronic Extensometer uo to breakage
  • Load full scale of 20,000 or 50,000 counts
  • Piston movement resolution of 0.01mm
  • Load Rate and Strain Rate indication
  • Wide range of accessories offered on the request at additional cost
  • Due to constant R&D specifications and features are subject to change without notice
  • The dimensions given above are approximate

Universal Testing Machines

In today's days of automation, existing mechanical dial type Universal Testing Machines are getting obsolete. More ever it takes plenty of time for testing. Plotting of graph required test in different units is still difficult. Evaluation of important Parameters like proof stress. Young's modulus is very tedious and time consuming.

Up gradation package :
  • Microprocessor based control Unit
  • For hydraulic Machines preseure cell is used
  • For Screw drivern machines load cell used
  • Cross head displacement measured by rotary encoder
  • For Screw driven machine DC/AC servo drives are used

Measuring system with eletronic Control panel : MCS-MP is a state of the art micro processor based unit specially designed for Universal Testing Machines with digital display of Load and Displacement / Extension.

Control Panel Features :
  • Sealed rnembrane keyboard with numeric keypad
  • Data entry for specimen dimensions & job serial number
  • Digital Tare tor Load and Reset for Disp./ Extension
  • Load vs Disp. graph directly obtained on dot matrix printer
  • Autoscaling of graph plotting at the end of test
  • Selection of Stop/Return of cross head and direction
  • Results include Peak Load. Max. Disp. UTS, % Elong

Advantages of Electronic Systems :
  • Machine becomes compulorized with digital indication of load
  • Reasults available in required SI units along with graph
  • Highly accurate, no manual intervention, error free working
  • Direct values of UTS. yield stress & 0.2% proof stress available
Software Features :
  • System is independent of the type of computer used
  • User friendly windows software for complete test control
  • Real Time Graph with online display of load, Disp / Exin.
  • Wide range of input / output data selection
  • Unit interchangeable for input and result as per standard
  • Exterksive graphics, curve lilting, Zooming
  • Results include Peak Load, UTS. Max Disp. % Elong
  • Area under the curve, % red, in Area, Yield & Proof stress
  • Multi grapha Load vs Disp, Stress vs Strain, load vs %Elong

Evaluating Proof Stress : Electronic Extensorneter : MCE 2 is a strain gauge type, extensometer to measure material extension with a resolution of 1 micron. It is designed to be clamped directly on specimen. This is used to measure strain up to elastic limit to determine important parameters like 1% to 1% proof stress and Young's modulus, MCE 2 has two fixed gauge lengths of 25mm and 50 mm. Change of gauge length is by means of replacing button knife-edge extender, MCE 2 is fabricated from high strength fight weight aluminium with a durable anodized finish. The knife-edges are made from oil hardened tool steel to withstand heavy usage. Supports maximum dia of 40mm & maximum extension 2mm

Panel Control Mode : Micro processor panel works independently. It shows load, disp. and extension on control panel. It has membrane keyboard or data entry. All specimen related parameters can be entered In to the control panel. At the end of the test one can entered see all test results on front penal display. Load vs Disp. graph can be directly obtained on dot matrix printer.

Servo Control System for UTM with Stepper : MCS has developed unique system Io add servo control facility to UTM. The system contains following.
Motorised servo valve with following items :
• Hydraulic loading valve
• Stepper motor, capacity 20 kg-cm
• Power card for stepper motor
Windows based software for controlling servo valve
MCS Make Centrol box with Auto / Manual selection
Potentiometer for operating valve in manual mode

Every UTM Thas manually operated hydraulic valve. which controls rate of loading. It is very difficult to achieve required rate of loading manually. Due to stringent testing requirements, it is required to conduct tests at specified load rate or strain rate. MCS has developed servo system where above loading valve is converted into a motorized valve by using stepper motor. A special windows based software controls this valve and the operation of the machine.

Servo Controlled operation :
There are two models fo operation. In manual control moe, the machine is operated by means of potentiometer provided on control box. Here, no rate control is offered. The machine is operated by means of potentiometer in similiar ways as we operate hydraulic valve.

In auto control mode, operator enters required load / Disp / Strain rate on computer. When we start the test, the required rate is always compared with achieved rate and error feedback controls machine accurately.

Following rate control modes are available :
• Load rate control : 1 kN to 10 kN per sec
• Displacement rate control : .01 mm to 1 mm per sec.
• Strain rate control : 0.001% to 0.01 % per sec. (strain rate control is possible only with extensometer)

Servo Control with MOOG Valve:
Instead of stepper motor, a MOOG valve can be used for precise load rate control

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