Computerized Universal Testing Machines

Features : Loading accuracy as high as ± 1%, Straining at variable sppeds to suit awide range of material, Printer supplied as option to study the behavior of the material..

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Computerized Tensile Testing Machines

MCS make TNE series machines are electronic screw driven machines with precision screw and column construction and variable speed drive. These are high precision...

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Automatic Compression Testing Machines

Staining at variable speeds to suit wide range materials. Various models - Max. capacity from 50 to 500 Tone. including load stabilizer...

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Computerized Brinell Hardness Testers

Test loads 500 to 3000 kgf. in steps of 250 kgf. Capacity - Throat 200mm. Max test height 410mm. Hydraulic power pack and control circuit for effortless loading/unloading operations...

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Computerized Vickers Hardness Testers

MCS Computerized Vickers Hardness Tester is a simple and aaccurate means which loads and unloads the specimen and creates an indentation...

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Digital Rockwell Hardness Testers

Test Loads - 60, 100, 150 kgf for test on Rockwell A,B,C scale. Loading/Unloading, Cycle automatic by a push button operation. Raising/Loaring of elevating spindle - manual...

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Automatic Compression Testing Machines - Auto 500

Automatic Compression Testing Machines
Automatic Concrete Compression Testing Machines :-
The machine is designed to carry out compression tests on materials like concrete, cement as well as finished products like tiles, bricks, blocks and other relevant materials. The machine can be used for quality control departments, civil test laboratories, engineering colleges And are adeally suitable for on-site testing for quality control and/or laboratories.

We Upgrade all types of imported testing machines like INTRON, ZWICK, TIRA, HONSFIELD,UNITED and Indian like FIE, FSA, STAR etc, with following advantages :-
• Machine becomes computerized with digital load indication in kg / N / Mpa with real time graph on PC
• Avoids tedious evaluation of proof stress. Gives 0.1 - 1% proof stress values & stress / stress graph
• Plot of Load vs % elongation for elastic materials for rubber / plastic using our Long Travel Ext’meter
• Highly accurate. No manual Intervention. Totally error free working.
• Mechanical working ( with dial ) of machine remains unchanged and can still be used.

Why MCS make Universal Testing Machines? :-
• Up to date knowledge of all the latest Indian & International testing standards and ability to implement in the machines / software supported by
  strong in-house R&D setup.
• Future proof indigenously designed hardware/software, sensors, extensometer, control panel
• State of the art manufacturing facilities supported by excellent after sales support
• Installed our systems / packages in more than 40 NABL accredited Laboratories in India. We supply testing machines for testing of materials like steel, cement, copper & ACSR conductors, cables, polymers, rubber, insulators, ceramic, glass, plywood, fastners, wire / nylon ropes. We look forward to have an opportunity to serve your company in near future.

Technical Specification :-
Automatic Compression Testing Machine ( ACTM )

Computer-controlled using EIA-485 communication standard. Online plotting of runs being taken by the ACTM Advanced data acquisition, analysis and report generation ACTM software tool with run database management.

Digital Display Unit ( DPU )
Dynamic display of pace-rate on a LED bar-graph for monitoring the quality of control. On-board memory for storing up to 250 runs. Auto-shutdown when the sample breaks or the maximum load is achieved. Independent LVDT attachment.

Micro-Controlled CTM ( μCTM )
Intelligent DSP-based Pace Rate Controller. Digital PID feed back control with high torque stepper motor as an actuator. Fully configurable feedback control parameters. Automatic Load Hold and Resume facility. Facility for user-defined pace rate in kN / mm.

User Interface
Front panel LCD for status & menu displays. 4-digit indicator for load (kN) & strain (mm) display selectively. LED Bar graph for pace rate quality monitoring. 8-button front panel keypad.

Hardware Features
Accurate pace rate control through DSP-based feedback.Data integrity & validation facility for calibration data. Precision pressure & strain sensing using 16-bit ADCs. Rugged military-grade back panel connectors suited for demanding on-site conditions. EIA-485 to EIA-232 converter module.

Data Acquisition
Online run data acquisition & plotting. Advanced Graphical User Interface. Multiple logins & selective access control.

CTM models comparison chart. Analysis and Report Generation

Key Features ACTM microCTM DPU
Computer Interface Yes No No
Pace Rate Control Automatic Automatic Manual
RS485 Interface Yes No No
Release Valve Control Automatic Manual Manual
Printer Connections Yes Yes Yes
LVDT Yes Yes Yes
Flexure Yes Yes Yes
Split Tensile Yes Yes Yes
Stress Control Yes Yes Yes